Do NOT work for…


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Do not work for your boss, since your boss can mistreat you

Do not work for friends, since friend can leave and disappoint you

Do not work for money diamond, gold, silver or anything for they are creatures with wings..
they are flying at time you least expect
unless you are sober, your soul might also fly with ’em…

I N S T E A D …

Work to reach your maximum potential – Work to be the best you can be

Work to bring goodness in you – Work to bring goodness in others

Work to fulfill your purpose

Work for the truth; Work for values; Work for integrity

Work for eternity and Work for God

Even though it HURTS…


Finishing Well


Last week, I got unforgettable flying experience. I flew from Jakarta to Pontianak.
The take off went well, we enjoyed the ride until the plane was approaching for landing. We dove down and passed through the clouds. Apparently, it was no “ordinary” group of cloud. The plane experienced sudden lost in the altitude several times and great turbulence. The clouds were thicks and dark. 
Even though it was midday, what we could see was only dark clouds.

Passengers were panicked. Baby were screaming as well as adults when we were losing the altitude. Everyone was under stress, including me. I do pray that God would save us, give the captain & pilot the wisdom to navigate and land us safely. After trying to navigate, then I felt the engine was sped up again, and we were climbing up again. Not long after that, there was announcement from the captain that due to bad weather, we were not able to land at Pontianak, and Return to Base (RTB) to Jakarta. I thank God so much for saving us. We landed at Jakarta safely.

Great take off is no guarantee that we could land well. It takes both safe take-off and landing for a safe trip. Somehow I think this is also applicable to our personal as well as career lives.

None can deny, that we are all here: were born already. We might have bad experiences, ups and downs, turmoil etc. But the most important thing – is how do we want to finish it? Do yo want to finish it as a winner?

Thus i guess, we need good “Take-off“…
Take-off from what your current conditions… Chart your course. Set up direction you want to achieve. Plan to achieve it. Work it on, push it onwards, until you fly.

And while you are flying, keep maintain your chart, your altitude… maintain your attitude.
Learn to cruise well.

And surely, we would need good “Landing”. We need to finish well.
All good planning, skills, track record, good name would be counted to nothing if we could not finish it well. On the other hand, we might forget the bad “take-off” we did, or the bumpy trip we had as we are landing well.


  • Fix your eyes on your vision, no matter how you started out
  • No matter how hard you have been trying to do well until now, KEEP it UP and be on guard.
    Don’t let yourself be stumbled, and never let your good character be ruined by any means

I do hope, we all can finish it well…

Instilling Excellent ATTITUDE

Everyone would easily agree on the saying that says “This world is not fair”.

I believe so. We’re leaving in this imperfect world, with so much corruption, unfairness, and uncertainty.
There are also many cases whereby friends turned to be “enemy”; “enemy” turned to be friend given a common interest among the parties. Well, just like my dear friend said… “sh*t things happen”

No matter how good you are, the world may not always give back good things to you.
Would you be consistent delivering good things when the bad things strike you?
Would you be still performing well, when your company doesn’t treat you well?
Would you be still loving when you are hurt?

IMHO, that’s exactly what separates the EXCELLENT person apart: … EXCELLENT ATTITUDE.
Attitude is the “art” of “carrying” yourself, to navigate yourself in this crazy world.
This would mean:
– To do things consistently excellent, regardless challenging circumstances & difficulties
– To do more than what are required
– To provide others benefit of doubt when others action is under question
– To do RIGHT things and do THINGS right
and many other commendable actions being done under any circumstance.

How can we instill EXCELLENT ATTITUDE then? Here are my thoughts

1. Posses “Higher” Agenda – always linked up what you are doing to your belief.
I personally link up what I am doing, working on, to act of service to God.
Link up what we shall do (or not do) to the greater purpose, vision or calling.
By doing this, we will always have enough reason to choose & demonstrate excellent attitude.

2. Have a solid support system – by no means we are superhero. We all need friends to listen us up.
Friends whom we believe, to share our loads with… and at the same time, those who remind us on the
higher agenda we have. Those who support us to do right and better things.
Those who aspire to have excellent ATTITUDE, as we do.

3. Get routine disciplinary exercise – It takes more than “feeling” to choose & demonstrate Excellent ATTITUDE.
The bigger the challenge is, the more commitment, strength, strong-will, discipline needed.
Learn then, to decide in every “small” thing, to demonstrate excellent attitude.
Work it out based on your sole decision, not on “feeling”.
Scheduled fasting or routine reflection time can contribute positively.

4. Live a healthy life – It is undeniable that we need a lot of strength, energy, focus to demonstrate excellent attitude. Thus we need to make sure we are “healthy”. Healthy in our physical condition – healthy eating, sleeping and exercising :). Healthy in our mind – through enjoying good relationship with those closest to us. Healthy in Spirit – by developing good relationship and trust with and in God.

May we all grow, possess and demonstrate excellent attitude, regardless our condition is.


Excellent Leader


Ever wondering what are the qualities of an excellent leader?

Well, in my limited experience and understanding, at least I indicated 4 things. There might be an overlapping here and there, however, they are something to ponder:

  1. Excellent Character
    None would follow a leader who only takes advantage from the followers. At the end the vision should benefit all the constituents in the right way. It doesn’t need a genius to tell this, does it?

    Then, are we bold enough to say NO to things contrary to our values and beliefs even though it “prospers” us. Can we stay true to our values, even though we will suffer from it?
    Are we refraining ourselves, when none is watching us around?
    Are we honest, humble, kind, merciful, person of integrity?

    The higher we go, the deeper should our foundation be. Excellent leader always has excellent character.
    What kind of character do you need to have?

  2. Excellent Attitude
    We all agree that we’re leaving in world full of injustice…, many bad things happen,,,,How do you then “navigate” yourself? Are you easily get angry, frustrated with situations, worry and depressed? If the leader would behave like that, can you imagine what would happen to the rest of the team…  Or . . .

    Can we wake up each morning with gratitude for the day still entrusted to us despite our problems?
    Do we still have a ray of hope, in the midst of the night?
    Can we still be grateful for the good things happening?
    Can we stop grumbling and murmuring within, and with smile carry out our best works?
    Can we draw strength from the Source of strength and be persistent?

    Remember, attitude is contagious.

  3. Excellent Skills
    Leadership is about influencing people to achieve the vision. It is about productivity.
    Excellent leader possess excellent skills. He must be an excellent communicator. He must be an excellent people person. He also must have good understanding about the area, industry where he operates whether in business, ministry, etc.

    Altogether, it takes soft-skills as well as hard skills to become an excellent leader.
    What skills do you need to possess?

  4. Excellent Vision
    John C. Maxwell says that vision is a gift from the leader to the follower. It is a picture of better tomorrow that the leader needs to paint in the constituents heart and mind. It is what attracts people to you. It is what unifies all constituents together.

    What kind of vision do you have for you and your surroundings? What are the needs of the people? How can you answer it with your vision?

None of us born with all the required qualities to be an excellent leader. It is learned. It is a process.
It requires DISCIPLINE and hard work to attain.

Wish you great journey to become an excellent one!  

I Am Back – NO more procrastination


It’s really embarasing when i realized that i didnt write anything here since last year…
o my goodness, what went wrong…..?

There are many many things i havent done yet even though i did publish them on this blog:
Just see my Learning list – well it is a very good list but – yes it is still a very good list ONLY without follow up 😦

well, one thing i learn the hard way for sure: NEVER PROCRASTINATE ..

Listen myself:
– you never know how much you still have the chance
– differentiate the urgent and importance
– what is your priority, make sure you have a balanced priority for your many roles 🙂

Luckily, we are still given second chance….

I am back..

Have a Good Rest

It’s been a quite stressful weeks in my working life. There are a lot of leads to be followed up, projects to supervise and not to mention complaints from customer. Working until late.

To be freshened up, these two days, I go home earlier and have a bit rest.
Nevertheless, the works still occupied my head even though i got home already,
up to the point that i really hesitated to go to office the next day – couldnt imagine what tomorrow might have in store for me.

Until my wife said to me to enjoy the “present”. and yup, being thankful for her advise, i started to focus on the “present” and enjoy my resting time for a while. it was refreshing indeed 🙂
And actually the next day was not as tough as i had feared. thx God.

So, now i learn to enjoy every “present”, do not want to let it ruined by anxiety or other things, also do not want to be occupied by previous failures.

For there is a time for everything, time to work, time to rest, time for your family ….and time to sleep 🙂

Have a good rest

My Learning List…


Currently, I am observing how I have been developing new skills in my life. Sadly but true, it turns out that I am not a keen learner. I asked myself following questions:

When was the last time I master any new computer program? When was the last time I master new stroke in swimming? What new language I started learning after English? How updated am I in the trends like Friendster, Skype, etc…? How updated am I with the new trends in the mobile technology which is my industry?

Well, answering those questions made me feel sick bout myself. What a pity!

Just realized that the last computer program I mastered is MS power point that I started to learn back in 7 years ago.. wow…!!!, Okay, better not to continue discussing bout it…

But yup, I need to make a resolution on learning for good if I want to be on the leadership edge …. So, this is what I am going to do . . .

My “Shopping” list
Mandarin . . ., everyone is gearing to it

New swimming stroke and diving …., hurray, enjoying the peace in underwater

New technology: Wi-MAX, LTE, IP Multimedia…

Mastering speed reading

Updated on what’s happening in my industry

How to confront people effectively . . .


Well, even though the list is not long enough, but it is quite costly in terms of funds and time. So, need to break it down then and assigned a timeline for each, using MS project if required he… :p


Yup, let’s move on. Better late than never…

Writing in Yogyakarta while waiting for my flight…

Challenges & BonnFire Experience

Couple months ago, my family and parents went together for a vacation in a resort located in a valley surrounding by hills. It’s my dad typical holiday destination.
It’s in Gambung, southern part of Bandung. The scene is terrific, the air is so fresh but it’s also freezing down there for us. The good thing was our villa got a furnace to keep us warm.

At dusk, I was so excited to set up the furnace on fire. I started to stack the wood, poured kerosene on it and set it on. The wood was ablaze…., but it was only for a while, then the fire went off. Apparently, the wood was not dry enough and kerosene was also limited.
Then I tried to re-arrange the pile. I used the driest wood only, and left the wet out of furnace. I poured out some kerosene and started the fire. But still, it didn’t work.

Then, out of frustration I asked the room boy to light the fire for us. And you know what? He ripped the wood into smaller pieces by his hand. Then he set them on fire. It worked… The fire consumed the smaller pieces of wood. As the fire went on, we put bigger pieces. Gradually the fire went on and it could consume other wet wood of bigger size. And yet, he didn’t use up all the kerosene. The furnace was set ablaze. We were all happy. I then asked the guy, how he learned to do it. He told me that it was from his experience, from trial and error that he could finally come up with that effective method.

Being marveled, I then realize that

·         Don’t let the challenges overcome you –
your “CAN” do attitude should come first

  • Break the challenges into smaller pieces which you CAN overcome –
    start with something you can manage first
  • As you are gaining momentum by overcoming smaller problems,
    take bigger ones and overcome them
  • Step by step, as you are pressing forward, you will be amazed by how you have gone so far and overcome the challenges

In most cases, there is always other who have undergone what you are going through. Ask for their advice. Don’t waste your resources to re-invent the wheel.

Therefore you might want to invest your time & energy to build a network of great people before the tough challenges arrive.

Happy Exploring


Yesterday, I spent almost 2 hours in the traffic from my house to office which is only 14 km away.
It won’t surprise you –I believe – for you who have come down to Jakarta.
To kill the time, I often fill my heads with music using my Nokia N70 phone.

N70 did really come up with good headset so we could enjoy the music. I really like it. The sound is clear, and I could enjoy the base play of my favorite songs.

Quite embarrassing truth is that I just found it out 3 months ago while I have been using the phone almost for a year. What a shame actually J. I got fancy thing in my hand and I didn’t use for quite some time just because I didn’t try it earlier. It was like a “hidden” treasure on my backyard which is just unearthed.

It actually teaches me lesson: We can NOT capitalize what we don’t have… or what we are unaware of. In my case, it’s only easy music listening that I lost for the past several months. But what if, you have something big inside yourself which you are unaware of. The consequence might be bigger then. What if you have voice as good as Melinda Doolittle but you don’t sing? What if you have such a plant in your old man’s house but don’t know that it is the expensive Anturium?

Well, then in order to get the maximum value we need to explore ourselves, identifying our potentials & growing them. Explore yourself…

  • What do you think are your potentials?

    • What are you good at?

    • What do you love to do?

  • What other says about you . . . ?

    • What do they think your potentials are

    • What suggestions they have for you to develop your potentials

  • Unearth it: Try, and Try and Try

    • Try various new activities: E.g. singing, dancing, cooking, teaching, speaking, diving, surfing, rock-climbing, writing

    • When was the last time you learned/started doing new things?

    •  Expose yourself to various opportunities e.g. involved in various social activities.

  • Check it in the context of your respective market:

    • What are the hot items (of high value) there? 

    • Do you have it?

    • How could you then increase your value?

You might then be surprised of your hidden treasure just uncovered.  Share us your thoughts.  
Happy Exploring!!!